El Shhadai Heritage September 2021

You are welcome to the September 2021 edition of El Shhadai Heritage!

Our focus for September 2021 is Prayer.

Prayer is giving your attention, dedicating some of your time to God in a two-way spiritual relationship where you talk to God, God talks back to you, you listen to God, and also listen to you.

As children of God, the best way to relate with God is by talking to him and listening to Him. We can only talk to God through prayer.

Jesus Christ made us to understand in Matthew chapter 6 verse 7 that prayer is not an option when He said :
…When ye pray…

Also in Mark chapter 11 verse 24

Jesus also mentioned or rather emphasized that prayer is not an option when He used the Word

“WHEN” and not “IF”

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, “when” ye pray…”

Prayer can also be considered as a lifeline of a believer.

In view of the fact that the devil wants you dead spiritually, he will do anything and everything to prevent you from praying, he will give every logical reason why you should not pray at the time you schedule to pray.

The ultimate goal of the devil is to prevent you from praying.

You therefore must make a conscious effort to pray.

God asked you to pray because He is ready to answer your prayers.

Prayer is not a waste of time.

If you have been praying over a particular issue and it appears the answer is been delayed, there could be several reasons responsible.

God might be telling you to hold on, Abraham waited for Isaac for 25 years, at a point, to them it appears God has forgotten about their situation, Abraham and his wife decided to help God by engaging the maid of Sarah, Hagar to have a baby for Abraham

But God came to Abraham again as if nothing happened, as if He is unaware of the existence of Ishmael born to Abraham by Hagar, Sarah’s maid, and reassured Abraham that HE will give him a son and He did.

When Daniel started fasting, the very first day he prayed God heard Him but the enemy delayed answer to that prayer. If Daniel had stopped praying, his angel of blessing would have been incapacitated but the consistent prayer and fasting of Daniel generated enough power that motivated heaven to find out what exactly is going on.

In 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 16
the Bible says we should

“Pray without ceasing.”

It is heartwarming to know that God does not store prayers.
In Psalms 65 verse 2,

the Bible says
“O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.”

That means, God pays attention and gives a special place to our prayers.

Benefits Of Prayer

  1. Through prayer, you develop a relationship with God. As you speak to God in prayer, He will also speak back to you in different ways.
  2. Prayer helps you to understand God more. The more you pray, the closer you get to God.
  3. Each time we pray God answers but at times we need to tune in to the Spirit to understand what God is saying per time.
  4. Prayer gives you strength to avoid temptation and continue in your Christian journey
  5. Prayer aligns you and keeps you in the will of God. As you continue to pray it becomes easy for you to stay in the will of God, you receive grace and strength to fulfill the plan and purpose of God for your life
  6. When you pray, you experience miracles, the Lord makes a way for you, situations are turned around.
  7. When you pray, you invite the Holy Spirit into your life, the Holy Spirit helps you and grants you divine direction.
  8. Prayer helps you to become more like Jesus, you see people the same way Jesus sees them, you love them the way Jesus loved people when he walked the earth.

Praise The Lord!