You are welcome to the September edition of El Shaddai Heritage!

This month, we shall be focusing on Prayer with special emphasis on importune in Prayer.

Prayer is first of all fellowshipping with God through the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is also exercising your spiritual authority in Christ, which means taking your place in Christ Jesus and causing to happen things within the power that has been given to you.

It is activating and walking in the consciousness of divine presence.

It is also enforcing the will of the father on the earth.

Prayer is also activating your human spirit.

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.
John 15:7

When we abide with God the Father, when we obey His directives and follow His commands when we obey Him, our desires, our will sync into His will, we become one with Him, we see things the way He sees things, we begin to reason like God, it becomes difficult for us to make demands that are contrary to His will. When we walk like Him, we will think like Him and everything we do will be pleasing to Him, when we make a request, our request will be granted automatically because we are in him and He is in us, we have become one with Him.

Looking at the parable of the unjust judge, actually, it’s a true story because Jesus said,

“…There was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man:
Luke 18:2

In this story, Jesus said the judge was unjust, he regarded no man nor feared God but because this widow kept asking him for one thing continually, he got irritated, he couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to give her what she wanted. Jesus spoke further and said how much more will God give to His own elect that cries out to Him day and night.
The Bible says God will do much more for His own children that cry out to Him day and night.
We need to settle it in our hearts that there is a God in heaven, that this God loves us and He is interested in our affairs, not only is He interested in our situation but that He is ready and willing to grant us our heart desires.

That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.
Hebrews 6:12

The Bible says we should be followers of those who true faith and patience obtain the promise. None of the fathers of faith ended up in shame, if there is anything we need here on earth that is readily not available, God is ready to create it and make it happen just because His Word can not be broken. Once, our faith is intact, we are on the clock, pay day is definitely coming!

Patience is an indispensable attribute when considering importune in prayer, Abraham waited for 25 years, at a point it seemed as if God has forgotten, God does not forget, it’s human beings that forget. No time is too late for God, He created us for His glory, He knows the perfect time for everything.

God will never allow the enemy to rejoice or have the final say in the life of His children.

If God has promised to do anything for you and that promise is in His Word, wait for it, it will surely manifest, disregard the opinion and mockery of men, saturate you environment with the presence of God, keep serving the Lord, keep trusting in Him, keep confessing your persuation, your expectation will surely manifest in due time.

There is something called the Spirit of prayer, you can manifest the Spirit of prayer by inviting Him into your life.
No matter what your desires and expectations are if you do not pray you will lose the fervor.

When you pray, your enemies are perpetually under your feet. When you engage in prayer consistently, your eyes become open, your spiritual eyes become open, you see into the realm of the spirit, you know what is going on around you. You remain untouchable.

As a Christian, our spiritual lives depends on our communication with God.
When we refuse or forgets to pray, our spirit man lacks the capacity expected to make us stay afloat, our spirit man is starved, it is deprived of the required energy needed to comport us spiritually as children of God.

Ye are of God, little children… , “
1 John 4:4

The Bible says, ye are of God, that means, you belong to God, we are an extension of God, for us to remain alive and active in God, we need to stay connected to God, to stay connected to God, we need to communicate with Him and the only way to communicate with God is in prayer.

David was anointed king of Israel at about age 17 but he did not ascend to the throne of Isreal until he was 30 years old, in between those years he suffered affliction, desolation, humiliation, deprivation, and all kind of unpleasant situation but at the end, the Word of God was fulfilled in his life.